Fundraising can be fun,  Here is how you can help:


The First Step towards starting your fundraising is Sign up. 
[Click Here for How to Register Tips]

Fundraising with Facebook [ Tips for Facebook Fundraising]


Your personal webpage is your chance to customize your fundraising message to your family, friends, and other donors. Generally speaking, people contribute to your cause based on the personal message you convey. Therefore, it is important to spend time customizing your ActiveGiving page.

• Include a Message

• Upload Images

• Pick a Template to best match you logo

• Use Colors to personalize your page

Remember, a more compelling site leads to better results!  [Click Here for Geting Started Tips]
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Second Step:


Make sure people realize how easy it is to donate online. Your webpage and emails give people an immediate link to donating. They won’t have to fill out a form, copy down postage information, or write a check. They also automatically receive a confirmation email with tax deduction information.

Tip: Once you’ve logged in to your ActiveGiving account, click the ‘Invite others to donate’ link to send and save emails to your contacts  [Click here for Fundraising Check List]

 Step Three:


The most effective way to achieve your fundraising goal is to create a detailed plan outlining the steps you’ll need to complete in order to meet your objectives.  [Click Here for a Sample Plan]

• Set a Goal

 • Start Early so you can give people ample time to donate

 • Educate your Donors on your cause

 • Stress the Benefits of contributing

 • Follow Through by sending emails

 • Send Thank You notes

 • Ask BIG before going small

 • Stay Positive and remember the reason

 • Never Feel Guilty about asking for donations

 • Ask, Ask, Ask


Step Four:

Simple things you can do that make a big difference!

Place your fundraising link on your signature line in your e-mail. This way with no extra effort at all, every e-mail you send is another opportunity to fundraise and spread the word about your cause!  [Click Here for Email Campaign Tips]

 Post your Fundraising Link on a tear away flyer up in the break room at work with a picture connected to the cause. Your co-workers can tear off your web address and go back to their desks to check out your efforts as well as donate to your cause.

• Use Twitter and / or Facebook to ask your friends, add the link in Facebook to make it easy for your friends.

• Are you a Blogger, keep your blog updated with your Fundraising link.


Frequently Asked Questions on Team Fundraising and ActiveGiving: [Click Here]


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